If you wear glasses then I am sure you know how expensive they can be. The frames, the lenses, the lens coating… It all adds up, especially if you have more than one pair, choose designer frames or have prescription sunglasses as well. You need to make sure that they’re covered for all eventualities, including loss and breakage, but the only problem is that glasses aren’t always adequately covered by regular home insurance. So what can you do? Well, you could always buy separate glasses insurance.

Why do I need glasses insurance?


Glasses insurance can be a great investment. We all know how easy it can be to lose or break a pair of glasses, whether it’s sitting on them, leaving them on the train, dropping them or your dog or child getting their hands on them. In fact, 2 out of 3 glasses wearers have damaged or lost a pair of glasses in their lifetime, so it shows how important having them adequately protected can be.

Won’t my home insurance cover my glasses as well?

Not always. In a lot of cases home insurance will be completely inadequate when it comes to glasses, with many policies not even covering them. Even if they do, chances are that your excess will be too high to cover the cost of your glasses anyway, and if you do make a claim your premiums are likely to go up and your no claims bonus will be lost. The claims times are usually extortionate as well, and many people can’t go without their glasses for that long. That’s a lot of extra expense and time lost just for a pair of glasses, and is why specific glasses insurance will often be the way to go.

Benefits to having glasses insurance


If you choose the right policy, your glasses insurance should come with a whole range of benefits. You’ll be able to get cover in the event that you lose them no matter where you are, and policies often come with worldwide cover as well so you’re completely protected the world over. You’ll be covered for accidental damage and breakage no matter whose fault it is, and most offer quick claims processes as they know how important having your glasses can be.

As you can see, glasses insurance can be really beneficial for all glasses wearers. You’ll be completely covered for all eventualities so you don’t have to worry if your glasses get lost or broken, and unlike regular home insurance you can be sure that you’re fully covered without having to worry about the extra expense of increased premiums. So, make sure to consider glasses insurance and give yourself complete peace of mind when it comes to your precious pairs.