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The 2008 American Presidential Elections have been historic for many reasons. One reason is the fact that the Elections saw the Sarah Palin glasses acquiring cult status throughout the country. Most of the women in America are opting for Sarah Palin glasses when purchasing their prescription eyeglasses.

What is the reason behind the immense popularity of the glasses? The conservatively styled Sarah Palin glasses have a very unique and interesting design. The rimless glasses have redefined the meaning of the phrase ‘sleek and elegant’. The custom made glasses are set in Kawasaki standard frame. The set worn by Sarah Palin herself is the combination of 34-grey color and the Kawasaki 704 frame.

The primary reason behind the sudden spurt in the demand for designer sunglasses among the American women is Sarah Palin. Her conservatively styled glasses have become popular throughout the nation. The popularity can be attributed to the fact that the frames seem to be invisible and non-existent when the glasses are worn. This effect has helped Sarah Palin communicate with the public better. Today, every woman wants to own her own pair of Sarah Palin glasses.

Considering the huge popularity of the style of glasses worn by Sarah Palin, it is no surprise that the manufacturers of eyeglasses are offering a wide range of designer glasses named after Sarah Palin. A leading manufacturer of prescription eyeglasses, Best Price Glasses, too provides a wide range of Sarah Palin glasses.

Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, has a very unique and distinctive face structure. She has recognized this and used the uniquely designed frames of her glasses to enhance her overall personality. With the help of her glasses, she makes a style statement without even saying a word. Her glasses make her look sophisticated and stylish without any snootiness or arrogance.

The most distinctive characteristic of Sarah Palin’s glasses is that they enhance her beauty without distracting the attention of the audience. The glasses are so subtly understated that one never realizes that Sarah is wearing glasses. When you look at her, your mind registers nothing but her stylish, charming and emotive face.

An analysis of the set up of the glasses helps us understand the effect better. The rectangular shape of the glasses and the meeting of the glasses near the temple creates an illusion that the glasses are placed lower than they actually are. The shape of the glass is perfect for the oval face of Sarah Palin. The glasses are placed such that the eyebrows seem to form an outline over the upper portion of the lens.

The sensation surrounding Sarah Palin’s glasses is the result of the unique design of the glasses as well as the unique structure of her face. Today, we find these glasses being worn by people all over the country.

If you like Sarah Palin glasses, get one from a reputed seller. However, do keep in mind that the structure of the face is a defining factor. If your face structure is not suited for such type of glasses, then even Sarah Palin’s glasses will not make you look as good as her. Opt for Sarah Palin glasses only if your face structure is suitable for such glasses.

Having worn spectacles now for about twenty years, I have constantly struggled with finding spectacles which suit me. As with most things nowadays there is just so much choice and in a way that can be a bad thing. So a few tips:-

1 – Although there are lots of different glasses, there are still only so many basic shapes. Find the best basic shape for you. It all depends if you have a long face, wide jaw or chubby cheeks for example.

2 – Take advice from the store as they have specialist knowledge but take a good friend with you also. One who will give an honest opinion. After all, they have no pecuniary interest in your choice. My optician also offers computer photos of you wearing different styles if you wish. I use this option but still prefer a person’s opinion. My eyes are so bad, though, I cannot see what I look like myself to make a purchasing choice.

3 – If you wear glasses all the time make sure that you are comfortable with them. It’s no good wearing glasses which rub on your nose and make it sore. After purchasing make sure that the optician fits them to suit you and take them back for readjustment if necessary.

4 – Don’t buy any glasses that are extremes of fashion, unless you are very wealthy, the glasses are cheap or know you will be changing your glasses each year.

So after the tips for me the best eyewear styles for women in general will have:-

Light weight frames and lenses.

Anti-glare lenses.

Titanium frames as they are tough, lightweight and hypo allergenic

I love the spectacles which are really just lenses with a bridge and arms. In other words rimless spectacles. However a pair I owned broke within a year and were not repairable.

Decent size lenses so that, as the wearer, you are not just looking at the frames all the time.

Vari-focals so that if you need glasses for your distance viewing and your close work you don’t have to buy and wear two lots of spectacles. However some people struggle with theses but you can usually buy a pair for a 28 day trial period and see how you get on with them.

And finally my new glasses. They are apparently the latest thing in England and based on American styling. They have straight arms and not those that hook behind your ears. At first they took a little while to get used to. I felt, initially, as if they were going to slip off all the time. Having had them adjusted though they are perfect now. As they don’t press behind the ears where there are a lot of nerves running they are pain free and I forget that I am wearing them. If you are offered some at the opticians give them a try. I am sure you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

If you are having problems with your eyesight, you may have to check into the need in for glasses, either reading glasses or prescription glasses.

Are you worried about wearing glasses? You might be wondering if glasses will make you look old and drab. Well, the truth is today buying glasses is as exciting as buying new clothes. You just have to go to any shop selling eyeglasses, and you will be shocked at the variety of fashion eye glasses available. Choosing fashion eye glasses that look good on you is very easy.

Innovation and design have taken on new meanings with companies manufacturing glasses that suit every taste and style. As you walk around on the streets sporting these fashion eye glasses, you are sure to be the center of attraction.

Some of the prominent fashion eye glasses include those with slim lined glasses, stylish rimless glasses, sprightly angled glasses, round framed glasses and glasses with a bold frame which comes in a riot of colors providing a classic look.

Fashion eye glasses come with crystal clear lenses embedded in them. These glasses also have hinges with springs and are extremely comfortable to use. Did you ever imagine that you could choose from different colors of eye glasses? Well, you can. Attractive and bright colors include red, purple, green, violet, turquoise, etc.

Your personality can in fact define the type of glasses you choose. Choosing fashion eye glasses can depend on the kind of look you want to sport. Go in for the stiff and formal looking glasses if you are the studious type, or just put on the unzipped and makeover glasses if you want to look stylish.

Men can choose from an array of interesting glasses like the pop eye glasses or even the cigar glasses. A variety of expensive metals are used to make the fashion eye glasses and these metals are long lasting. They come with excellent qualities including durability, light weight, lens which is anti shatter and anti scratch. What more? These glasses protect the wearer from the UV rays too.

As you venture choosing fashion eye glasses you have to decide on the type of lens you want. You can choose from the polycarbonate plastic lens, acrylic lens or the glass lens. Lenses that are photosensitive provide the eye with constant protection from sunlight as they turn pink and keep the eye cool.

For a woman, there is no end to the exciting variety of fashion eye glasses. As a woman, you can choose eyeglasses just as you choose your jewelry, clothes and make up. An interesting variety of glasses are available in the market for you to choose from. Now you can walk around in style showing off your cool and fashionable eye glasses.

Adidas and Adistar are sports companies offering designer fashion eye glasses. These glasses add glamour to your personality and can be used while you play sports like golf too. The good quality lens does not distort distances, making them safe. These glasses come with frames which are pleasant to look at and soft to touch.

The festive season of Christmas and New Year is around the corner. Choose from a wide range of fashion eye glasses to gift your near and dear ones. They will sure be thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift from you.

She has a new car now, that little old lady with the white curls and tiny glasses. She wrote hers off that day she barrelled out of a side street and hit us sideways on! Hit us, even when we tried to get up on the empty pavement, out of her way, because there was no way she was going to stop! As the painful screeching of metal on metal ceased, and the steam hissed menacingly from under her squashed bonnet, my nerves kicked in.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I admit I yelled, as I struggled out of the passenger door, while my husband, the driver, banged his head down on the steering wheel and swore quietly to himself.

“Where do you think you were going?” We had right of way and were totally bewildered by her racing tactics on a suburban street.

“I was going to the farm for fresh eggs and bread,” she responded, seeming rather unconcerned by her dying vehicle and the big dent in the driver’s door of ours.

“Well, love,” said the spouse, with admirable patience. “You aren’t going anywhere in that, it’s a write-off”

He and I pushed her car into a safe opening on the street, then he calmly drove her home. She admitted it was her fault, so in a manner suggesting she had been here and done this all before, gave him her insurance details. Meanwhile, I had ceased to shake and jump and jiggle with shock. But our car was un-drivable, as the driver’s door would not close. We manged to drive the few hundred yards home. Why am I so glad about the insurance? Our insurance company immediately authorized a courtesy replacement vehicle for however long it took for all repairs. The problem was, the car was a Rover, and Rover had just ceased trading, so replacements were hard to come by. But the insurance company paid for the courtesy vehicle for four weeks, for all new parts and thank heavens we were covered. They asked if we needed to claim for injuries, in fact, I felt slightly guilty that I had no whiplash, cuts and bruises to please them with. They phoned about it, they sent letters about it, and finally accepted that nobody was hurt.

As we pass that side street on a daily basis, we watch out very carefully for one little old lady who appears to have forgotten the rules of the road. A week ago, my daughter and I encountered her, doing the exact same thing in her new car, no stopping, just barrelling on. I wonder what her premiums cost? I bet she is glad she has car insurance. Over the moon, even.

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