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Spectacle Warehouse was formed in 2002. The managing director Roy Corke has over 20 years experience working within the optical industry. Roy has a vast amount of experience in the manufacturing and supply of prescription and non-prescription spectacles. This new modern approach has been developed to offer the general public the chance of buying spectacles in the most direct form available. Cheap Designer Glasses/Spectacles visit spectacle-warehouse dot com. hope to see you soon.


The Glasses/Spectacles rip off has been around for the millennia. Spectacle Warehouse was formed by Roy Corke with the aim to reduce the cost of purchasing Glasses/Spectacles. Roy who has worked within the optical world for over 20 years was amazed at the amount opticians charged for Glasses/Sunglasses when they can be purchased direct a lot cheaper.

Spectacle Warehouse provides the public with a way of accessing Cheap Designer SunGlasses/Spectacles by cutting out the expensive intervention of the optician. Roy’s forward thinking has spearheaded Spectacle Warehouse to the forefront of the optical industry. A person looking to purchase Quality Cheap Sunglasses does not need to look elsewhere. They can simply visit spectacle-warehouse online or visit there one stop shop.

The formation of Spectacle Warehouse has caused a storm within the optical world. Opticians have been “up in arms” over there cheap direct prices. Roy said ” I just got sick a tired of seeing venerable people ripped off. I constantly saw old people coming into opticians and seeing their pension vanish in front of their eyes”.

Spectacle warehouse has come up against a massive negative backlash from local opticians. This type of reaction has showed Roy that Spectacle Warehouse must be doing something right. Roy’s ability to offer cheaper designer spectacles has put him in a difficult situation with regard to suppliers. The heavy handed tactics from opticians in west Kirby Merseyside has challenged Spectacle warehouse’s credibility, integrity, and quality. Roy has stood up to this and to this date is running a very successful Spectacle company. Spectacle Warehouse’s unique selling point does offer the public the cheaper prices that they deserve.

So why should anyone choose to purchase from Spectacle Warehouse? The answer is simple Spectacle Warehouse provides Quality prescription Glasses at low cost direct prices. Their aim is to provide a low cost quality service which doesn’t deviate away from their high quality workmanship.

So why not try them out for size?

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