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Having worn spectacles now for about twenty years, I have constantly struggled with finding spectacles which suit me. As with most things nowadays there is just so much choice and in a way that can be a bad thing. So a few tips:-

1 – Although there are lots of different glasses, there are still only so many basic shapes. Find the best basic shape for you. It all depends if you have a long face, wide jaw or chubby cheeks for example.

2 – Take advice from the store as they have specialist knowledge but take a good friend with you also. One who will give an honest opinion. After all, they have no pecuniary interest in your choice. My optician also offers computer photos of you wearing different styles if you wish. I use this option but still prefer a person’s opinion. My eyes are so bad, though, I cannot see what I look like myself to make a purchasing choice.

3 – If you wear glasses all the time make sure that you are comfortable with them. It’s no good wearing glasses which rub on your nose and make it sore. After purchasing make sure that the optician fits them to suit you and take them back for readjustment if necessary.

4 – Don’t buy any glasses that are extremes of fashion, unless you are very wealthy, the glasses are cheap or know you will be changing your glasses each year.

So after the tips for me the best eyewear styles for women in general will have:-

Light weight frames and lenses.

Anti-glare lenses.

Titanium frames as they are tough, lightweight and hypo allergenic

I love the spectacles which are really just lenses with a bridge and arms. In other words rimless spectacles. However a pair I owned broke within a year and were not repairable.

Decent size lenses so that, as the wearer, you are not just looking at the frames all the time.

Vari-focals so that if you need glasses for your distance viewing and your close work you don’t have to buy and wear two lots of spectacles. However some people struggle with theses but you can usually buy a pair for a 28 day trial period and see how you get on with them.

And finally my new glasses. They are apparently the latest thing in England and based on American styling. They have straight arms and not those that hook behind your ears. At first they took a little while to get used to. I felt, initially, as if they were going to slip off all the time. Having had them adjusted though they are perfect now. As they don’t press behind the ears where there are a lot of nerves running they are pain free and I forget that I am wearing them. If you are offered some at the opticians give them a try. I am sure you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

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