I have been an Optician since 1982 and I give advice on this issue every day. I have seen thousands of people who have explored the option of having contact lenses. Their motivations are varied as are their prescriptions and need of use. Below is a brief outline of the issues which should be considered when looking at the option between contact lenses or glasses.

1. If you use contact lenses you will also need spectacles. The reason is simple. Many contact lenses are not designed to be used all day. New lenses such as night and day can be used as an extended wear lens but at the moment is dearer than most. So spectacles are needed when your lenses are taken out.

Also if you get an eye infection or injury then you must leave your contact lenses out, so once again your spectacles will save the day.

Finally there is a temptation for patients to over wear their contact lenses. This is such a bad idea as your cornea can become adversely affected over time…people over wear lenses mainly for vanity reasons or they simply can’t be bothered to comply with the opticians recommendations.

2. Some people cannot wear contact lenses. The curvature of their cornea may not be suitable. Their tear production may not be suitable. Some people have difficulty putting them into their eyes. But in this day and age it is rare for an Optician not to be able to find a contact lens option which will work for a patient.

3. Visual standards on average are better with contact lenses than with spectacles. Spectacles have a certain degree distortion inherent in their lenses.

4. Spectacles can look great however. There are so many wonderful styles available . They are now a massive fashion statement. They can add something so positive to a persons appearance. Styles at the moment are honestly fantastic.

The scope of this article is small but the issues raised cover a large percentage of the everyday questions I am asked and I hope it has been helpful.

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