Spectacles- the word indicates weak eyes at the most. And the picture created in mind is the heavy rims behind which the tiny eyes nearly disappear (from face)! Yes this was the case but few years back and not now. Spectacles are nowadays not only used as a requirement but also as a fashion statement in today’s techno savvy world. There are many youngsters who want to pocess one just for the state of style. They prefer wearing specs when they go out even if they don’t require one just for making fashion statement. The several designs, colours and trends make it look lucrative for many. Spectacles are very essential for those with poor visions.


Spectacles have a back history of Roman times. You can see the pictures of many spectacled men and even have mentions in the several manuscripts of various cultures and religions. Spectacles are actually glass holders that hold glass specially made to correct your focal length and help you see world in a better way. Spectacles were previously made up of glasses with the glass holding in a round rim that had no ear holders. So all you had to do was to attach the glass with the eyes or hold it by hands. With time technology changed not only the way specs were made but also the designs and the glass materials required to make them.


Nowadays not only glass but also special quality plastics are used to make the specs lenses. The spectacles are made up of several ways depending upon their requirements. Concave lens, convex lens, bifocal lens, sunglasses, anti glare glasses, the list goes on. Also the rims have several designs and colours and materials like metals, plastic etc. spectacles have become more of a fashion requirement than a necessity today. Specs enhances your face value, gives you a sophisticated look or soft and sweet look depending upon what kind of rim you are wearing. To know more about spectacles all you have to do is simply Google the word and read the data of the innumerable sites that will pop up with relevant information to satisfy your quest of knowledge.

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