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The prospect of having clear vision without spectacles or contacts can be almost irresistible. Today LASIK surgery has made this a very real possibility for millions across the world. However, if you are toying with the idea of getting this surgery done, then here are a couple of things you need to know.

Stop using contacts

You will need to be prepared to stop wearing contacts at least 1-4 weeks before the actual LASIK surgery date. Gas permeable lenses require the most time out of lenses. Extended wearing of lenses can alter the corneal shape which can impact the results of surgery.

No more makeup

Yes, you will need to stop using perfume or makeup or even cream bases the day prior to LASIK surgery. With these products debris can cause inflammation, which can lead to haze or scarring.

Other eye diseases must be evaluated

Some eye problems such as glaucoma, or diabetic eye disease can be worsened when LASIK surgery is performed. Your surgeon should perform a careful exam to look for and treat these problems.

It is probably not covered by insurance

There are VERY few insurance policies that cover LASIK surgery. Most surgeons offer financing if you prefer to make payments.

Dry eyes? It could get worse!

If you are suffering from a dry eye condition then LASIK surgery could make it worse. Ideally you will need to get the dry eye condition treated first and then go in for the surgery.

High Astigmatism or severe nearsightedness not 100% corrected

While most LASIK surgery procedures will correct astigmatism and nearsightedness, extremely high degrees of ‘refractive error’ may not be completely corrected. Other surgeries are available if LASIK will not work for you.

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