I did not begin needing and wearing spectacles until I was in my late thirties. Initially I only wore them for reading. However, with the march of time, by my mid forties I needed both spectacles for close work and distance viewing.

This left me in a bit of a quandary. At the time I wasn’t suitable for wearing contact lenses and didn’t want to have to purchase two pairs of glasses, namely one for reading and one for distance. It was not just the cost that was the issue but the inconvenience of having to be taking glasses on and off constantly. My work involves using computers on a daily basis, completing paper work and reception duties. Two pairs of spectacles was, and is, just not practical.

I did not fancy trying bi-focals as friends who had worn them had encountered many difficulties. The optician mentioned vari-focals and I thought I’d give them a try. The lenses of vari-focals are graduated from your distance lens at the top down to your reading part at the bottom. Some people take ages to get used to them but I have never really had any problems.

You need to have your field of vision checked during your eye test to see if you are suitable for vari-focals. I thought that my first pair were a little expensive, but then thinking about it they were cheaper than having to buy two ordinary pairs of glasses.

When you first wear a pair of vari-focals here are a few tips which hopefully may help:-

If you are looking at close work, say a book, do not bring the book up closer to your face in order to focus. If need be bring it closer to your body and look down to read.

Give yourself time to get used to your first pair of vari-focals. You may not get on with them initially but persevere. Most opticians give you a 28 day money back exchange if you cannot get accustomed to wearing yourvari-focals.

Remember to move your head when you need to look to the left or right. If you look to the side of your glasses the view will look blurred. You need to turn your head when looking to cross the road, for example.

Likewise remember to move your head up and down when you need to look up and down.

You will find that the lens necessary for a vari-focal lens has to be a minimum size. This means that some of the fashionable very small lenses are out of the question. Still the ones I am wearing at present are not overly large and are of an oblong shape.

The vari-focal lenses can still have a reflective coating or be reactalite if required.

I also have vari-focal sunglasses which are perfect for holidays in the sun.

I am now onto my 5th pair of varifocals. With the ever racing years and my declining eyesight, I guess this was inevitable. I’m just so happy that vari-focals are available as I would hate the alternatives. I have recently read that vari-focal contact lenses are now available and have thought about checking these out. Just quite how they work though I am not sure.

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